Last days.

I had my last day in the Art of Disney yesterday. It was bittersweet, really. I will miss most of the part/full time people, but I am SO GLAD my last few days will be at Design A Tee. I worked tonight, and will work through Wednesday.

It's been a tough couple days. Two of my friends' last day at work was yesterday, and today another! So sad...I am really REALLY going to miss these people. I might have had days when I seriously considered leaving the program early, but I cannot express how happy I am that I stuck it out.

Now the question is...what do I do from here?

I'm not going back to school right away, I know that. I need to get my job at the theater back, and hopefully get another. Money savin is all I'll be doin for at least a year. I have school loans to pay off now. Oh boy, responsibility! I don't have that bad of a payment plan, really...but that's all the more reason to start saving now. I don't want to get in too deep...

ANYWAY...I decided tonight that I want to go seasonal. Which means...I have to come back to Florida to work at Disney World at least 40 hours a year. At first, that seemed like a pointless thing for me to do with me living in Nevada...the money I earn will have to go towards the plane ride home! BUT...thinking about it some more (and some words of wisdom and constant bugging by fellow cast members...) ...40 hours a year? That's nothing. That's at least a week and a half away, and I might have friends here that will let me stay with them. Plus, this money saving thing...I'm going to have a job, I will have money saved...

It won't be a big problem! I might even be able to contact someone in Disneyland to let me work there? I don't know. I need to talk to my managers tomorrow. I'm just hoping it's not too late to put my name in for seasonal. I do only have a week left here...

OH my schedule for the next week is going to be insane. That's why this will probably be my last post on this blog. Wow. I kinda feel bad I didn't update that much! I know I've updated more than most CPs, but still! There was SO MUCH more I could have told you all that read this!

Which, by the way....THANK YOU for following me through this journey! It was a lot of ups and downs and absolutely magical.


...PS! I will keep a blog going. :) And I have an idea on what I should write about, but we'll just see how it goes. Good night!
Super Ultimate Awesome Hang Out Day!
The time is winding down now! It's so cloooose and it's just poof...over.

It's starting to feel like crunch time for a few reasons. Our program graduation was last week, then my bestest program friend, Keri, and I had to say goodbye to each other yesterday. He's leaving the program early on Dec. 23 so yesterday was the last day we could hang out due to our work schedules keeping us apart! Lol

We planned out to go to Downtown Disney to go to Disney Quest, unfortunately when we got there we realized that the blackout dates began the day earlier. Sooo we hopped onto a Resort bus to catch a bus over to Epcot after getting Celebration Buttons that say "Super Ultimate Awesome Hang Out Day!"

In Epcot, we first went over to get a time for our Kim Possible missions to start. While waiting for our time, we went to The Land and saw where all the parks' fruit, vegetables, and fish are grown. SO COOL. :)
Our missions started and we got our Kimmunicator and began in the UK to stop Duff Killigan :P We flooded his hideout, no worries.
Then in Mexico we chased Shego and Drakken around and stopped him from launching a rocket...
And Germany was our last stop where we stopped Dr. Dementor from passing out mind control pretzels!

The missions are so cool...you Kimmunicator actually activates things around the parks! Like when we flooded Killigan's hideout, we stood in front of a window, pushed a button on the Kimmunicator, and water started filling up in the window. In Mexico we stood under 3 pinatas that lit up a secret code for Wade to decifer. Then our favorite part in Germany...there's a miniature village with a working train set and such, we had to stand in front of the clock tower, push the button and the tower lights up and a bell tolls about 5 times, and the miniature people around the tower's eyes started to glow red and lifted up their arms like they were zombies! It was awesome. :)

We also went around the world to listen to a few of the Christmas storytellers. There's a different character for each country telling a different story each country has around the holidays. My favorites were Norway with a mischievous gnome, and Italy where a witch told her tale about the 3 kings came to her to tell her of Baby Jesus' birth. We also went to see Santa and Mrs. Claus :) They were so cute!
While we were in Canada, there's a store where you can meet Pooh and Tigger and we thought the line was closed off, but the Character Attendant asked us if we were going in...the line for these guys is always crazy so this was a nice surprise! We got a jumping photo with Tigger. Fun :D

Then, the highlight of the night...we went to Character Spot (C-Spot) to meet the Fab 5: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy. I took my giant Vinyl for them to sign, and we got some adorable pictures with each of them.
Now, Keri is a photopass photographer and works at C-Spot all the time, so he has connections...he worked it out with his coordinator and manager to get us in to meet the entire Fab 5 at the same time! This picture is SO RARE to get, you have no idea... We had to wait till C-Spot closed and for the line to disappear before we took the picture. It was awesome...So happy :)

Keri and I got a ride back to my apartment from one of his coworkers and we watched A Christmas Carol (which he hasn't seen before! gasp!)

Then....12 45am rolled around...and he had to leave. Our apartments have a rule to not have anyone not in Chatham on property after 1am. It was a hard goodbye :( I will miss him....

Thank the Lord for Facebook! <3
TRON: Legacy
Just got back from the midnight showing of TRON: Legacy and I am on a "good movie high" as I like to call it. Meaning, I want to do nothing but talk about how amazing it was! But, seeing as my roommates are all slumbering (not to mention none of them have seen the original TRON)...here's a blog! :D

My expectations were met. I love that!! It rarely happens for me (aka Pirates 3)

I do have to admit before I go on gushing about this movie...that when I first heard that they were making a new TRON movie...I hated the idea. I was totally against it and really disappointed they would mess with a great classic. But then I saw the trailer...also the fact that Jeff Bridges was going to be in it was a BIG help in getting me to be excited for this movie. After a few months of following the production details of the movie, we learn that Bridges actually doesn't just do a cameo...he's actually a GIGANTIC part in the whole thing! I totally thought this would be the story of Sam (Flynn's son), but it was really just a continuation of Flynn and his programs that go insane.

First off...the graphics. Oh, my, Lord were they beautiful. I want to LIVE in that world...not to mention young Jeff Bridges! He is computer generated. He looks like Jim Carrey did in A Christmas Carol. Same program I bet. But to put a total CG character mixed in with actual actors blew me away.

The story was good. Kinda just another version of the original TRON storyline. User goes into Grid, forced to fight on Grid, meets sidekick program, evil guy finds out he's a user, find out the super evil plan, take it down...yadda yadda...

The acting was good too. Cora was probably my favorite character. She was bad ass but a curious optimistic bad ass. Sam was gorge. (hah) and Flynn (Bridges) was, of course, spot on in his performance. His random slang from the 80s was kinda cheesy though. Lol

Now, what I am suuuper happy about with this movie...it really is a tribute to the original. First, one of the promotional posters is pretty much a recreation of the original film poster back in 1982. It was even on the wall of young Sam's room! Then there's Bridges and Alan (forgot the actor's name). You gotta have them in there!
The settings from the first movie are obviously perfectly recreated (the arcade, Flynn's old room above the arcade)
The Grid was basically the original movie's design but...finished? I don't know to explain this...but the first movie looked like that if we used the technology we have today to make it not so...blocky...you would get the world that we see in the new movie.
Then there are more little things throughout the movie...lines being used "That's a really big door" "End of Line", etc.
For those who have seen the movies, did you catch the cameo of Bit? <3

Phew...I think that's it! I hope I didn't ruin anything...I couldn't really reveal the "twist" because I didn't really understand it myself...Isos? If you've seen the movie, please...explain those to me?

Well, time for bed. I hope I can blog again soon! Only THREE weeks left of my program! Wow.
It's been a while...

I've noticed a trend of when I decide to make new blog posts. When it's super late at night and/or super tired.

Lets start off with why I'm super tired, as it may be a reasonable hour when you see what time I posted this.

Downtown Disney basically had it's own version of "black friday" this morning. Now, for weeks I've known of it, and just thanked the Lord that I wasn't working it...but then I was talked into GOING to it just yesterday. I closed yesterday which means I got home at about 1am. The sale starts at 5 30, but people can start lining up at 4. I, of course, went with the crazy chick who needed the D&B Coach bags...so we were to leave at 3 45am. Yeah, no point of sleeping, right? We made a Walmart run for small snacks and Amps. I already drank one before the sale, and am really tempted to just drink the other one right now but I KNOW I'm going to need it later. Why?

Oh, right...I'm WORKING AT 10AM! Once again, no time for sleep. Or I could sleep but there's a very good chance I wont wake up. Not good.

I also just realized...if I say something completely random that doesn't make sense with what I'm talking about...it's the sleep deprivation. I just had to go back and delete something that absolutely no sense in the above paragraph.

Anyway....I haven't posted in a while. I know. I'm sorry. Lol
I can give the usual excuse...I was busy working. I normally have 2 days off so...I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm lazy and forget.

Nothing really to report...OH our Holiday discount kicked in a couple weeks ago. Yeah, bad. Very bad.

Ummm... I have a story of a guest interaction I had at Design A Tee last night!

I love Design A Tee, first off. Like, more than Art of Disney. It's fun! The guests you get are completely different from the ones Art get...or at least they act differently depending on the store. Well, anyway....
Printing the shirts isn't too bad either. It keeps my hands busy and there's always something to do (unless it's a SUPER slow day and neither of the printers are running...

Right the story...

I was out front "merchantaining" and a father and his daughter (she was probably 7 or 8) came in and wanted to make a shirt. Time seemed to be an issue for them (we give them an hour for the shirt to be made) so I magically rushed the shirt to be done within half an hour. ;D
Anyway...the little girl was ADORABLE. She just kept telling me how much she loves Monster's Inc. and wanted something similar to the shirt I had (image of Mike Wazowski with the words "We scare, because we care.") and so, she basically copied my shirt but with a different Monster's image. Her dad was awesome too. Thanking me for how helpful I was, and how cool the store was, and complimented me on my choice of major in school (he found out i was a college program student). Overall amazing people. Then when it came to check out, we verified the shirt was perfect for her, and i made sure half an hour wasn't a problem for the printers. I finished the transaction and the father handed me a pink heart shaped balloon. He told me while we were waiting for the girl to make her shirt that he was a party entertainer and knew balloon animals and such.
awww ^_^

Then they left, and the shirt was done on time. I didn't realize that the time they were coming back was a time I was on my break...now I was going to feel bad not being there since I helped them out so much...I ran out of the break room and worked during my break until they arrived. "I was waiting for you!" I told them and showed the girl the shirt, and she freaked out! She loved it :D I bagged it all up for her and she gave me a hug.

It was pretty much the highlight of my day. <3

Ugh...my stomach feels funky. I know I'm not hungry cuz i just ate..but maybe it was what I ate? I don't know...I just hope I don't feel like this during work. No bueno.
Especially since today is an Artist signing! Robert Ols..yeah can't spell his last name. Hopefully I'm helping out with that most of the day, at least then there will be something to do to keep me awake and keep my mind off my stomach...uuughhh x_x
Mr. Mouse is starting to get on my nerves.
The past week has had some....interesting developments in my program.

First off...I was happily working at the Art store, didn't really mind having one shift a week at the Christmas store...then out of no where I get Christmas ALL THIS WEEK! Not cool, Mick. I was not going to be okay with this if it turned out to be a normal thing...

Second...For the past few weeks, one of the bathrooms had a soap dish that was in the wall, fall off. Maintenance comes in and glues it back on, couple days later...it falls off. Now it takes them WEEKS to come back and look at it. About a few days ago, they come in and tell us that we have to share a shower for a couple days while they take out the entire wall. ooooookay then. The day they were to "take out the wall" we get a call that afternoon telling us that they're moving us to a different building. UGH?! So...yeah...they're giving us our keys to our new place tomorrow and we have to be out completely on Wednesday by 4pm. What the hell? Thanks for the warning/time...
So this new building is farther back, laundry isn't as close as it was before for us, mail box is right next to us which I guess is a plus...but....this just sucks big time.


I got to work about half an hour early so I decided to look over my new schedule for next week (eager to see if I was free from Christmas's grasp). I print out the schedule and as I was looking at it and putting the information into my phone's calendar I see that ALL my times for THIS week (the week I was supposed to be at Christmas) are changed...
Tonight was supposed to be my Friday. Monday and Tuesday off has been my norm for the past month and a half. They added a shift on Tuesday, then I'm at Design-A-Tee all next week (with one random Xmas shift in the middle)

Now...Ive wanted to work at Design-A-Tee for a while. So when I saw that part I was excited...Im just mad that I wasn't TOLD my schedule was changed! I mean, if I didn't print out the new schedule I would have been a No Call No Show on Tuesday and in Christmas garb on Wednesday...

So now...that I work on Tuesday (all day, mind you.), Monday (tomorrow) is my only day to move all my crap over to the new apartment. Soooo that's exactly how I want to spend my only day off this week. Yep...thanks Mickey. You really are a rat, arent you?

....I do need Disney Tee-shirt ideas now that I'm going to start at Design-A-Tee! It has to be a black shirt, preferably (for me) one character, and a quote of some sort. I'm not sure if I can have movie quotes on it...but that would be lame anyway :P I want a quote that will be funny and relate to whatever the character is. Suggestions? :)
Disney College Program diet/excersize plan.
First off...Disney has their own measuring system for their costumes. I like to call it "Disney" size. My Disney Size pants are 22 (probably not anymore), and my shirts are Medium. Yeah, it's a bit weird.

Anyway! I've noticed (and my friends and family have noticed via pictures I've been posting on FB) that I have lost weight. WOO!

Only thing...I'm not comfortable in my jeans anymore! I've had to use my work issued belt to hold them up! I've also realized after going to Property Control (50%+ merchandise discounted stuff that is considered "damaged") and I bought a couple shirts in Large. I get home and try them on...yeah...they're pajama shirts now. WAY too big. This is so weird! I've been buying Large shirts and size 16+ jeans for YEARS.

Not that I'm not eating! Cuz I am! I try to every chance I get. I just don't eat AS MUCH. My proportions are controlled. Maybe it's me growing up? Dunno.

Also, I walk A LOT. Every day I work it's a 10 minute walk from the bus to my store (I should say my 'zone' since I'm working at 3 out of the 5 stores there...) and then a 10 minute walk back to the bus when I get off. Not to mention whenever I have a day off I'm at the parks which, of course, has tons of walking involved.

Um, Animal Kingdom? Its GIGANTIC! Magic Kingdom's not that bad. Probably cuz I'm used to going back and forth between the "worlds". Epcot...I haven't even been the countries yet!

 I've decided not to weigh myself until I get back to Wyoming. That was where I last weighed myself to figure out how heavy my suitcases were. I was 180ish. This shall be interesting. ^_^

Off topic....MAGICAL MOMENTS when I worked at Wonderful World of Memories!

One of my fellow cast members got the task to "make a magical moment". I was jealous, but it was fun to watch her do it. It was really slow that night, so all she really could do was gather the 3 kids in the store and asked them if they wanted to color with her at the small coloring table. They, of course, agreed. I was standing in the background just smiling at these adorable kids chatting away with the cast member and coloring...then one little girl looked over at me "HEY! Whats your name?!" I walk over and join them in coloring. SO CUTE. We asked them who their favorite princesses were, if they met them yet, yadda yadda...

Then...one little girl joined us about 5 minutes later and I saw she had a birthday pin on. I tell her happy birthday and asked her if she wanted to color. She asked for a Princess Jasmine coloring page. As the other cast member goes to get her one, I asked her if Goofy called her yet. She looked confused. "Goofy wants to talk to you! He told me earlier! Come over here! Lets call him back!" I take her to our store phone and dial a special number and handed her the phone. Goofy was on the other end telling her happy birthday and sang to her. Her face LIT UP! It was the best moment of my program by far (so far)! Goofy's message ended and she smiles "Goodbye Goofy!!" and hands me the phone and runs to her parents "Mommy! GOOFY CALLED ME! He sang Happy Birthday!" <3 <3
One month? That's all?
HEY! :D I haven't updated in a while! And I am sorry about that. I've just been VERY busy.

Well...if you count playing at the parks during all my free time as busy...

I love it here. I truly do. <3 But, I have officially decided not to extend my program to May. I miss Nevada! It's so strange saying that. I mean...back in high school my friends and I used to tell each other that we were going to get OUT of that place and never return...well...I'm out and all I can't stop thinking about is returning! Also, I really really really really x infinity miss my friends.

Don't get me wrong, my roommates are beyond amazing (sometimes. :P) and I love them all to death and think I am SUPER lucky that we dont hate each other. 8 people and the odds of them all getting along...yeah, that's a very slim chance, and we nabbed it! Yes, there are some issues now and then...but you know. All roommates will have problems with other roommates no matter how many there are.

Enough about that...on to work!

Work has been going well! I've "earned my ears"! Well...sorta... I think they forgot that someone is supposed to take the ribbon off my nametag...sooo I gave it till I've worked at a different store other than Art of Disney to remove the ribbon myself. Which I did, and no one either cared or noticed. So...that's that.

Yep, so far I've worked at two different stores. Art of Disney is my "home" store, then I was deployed to Disney Days of Christmas. Which was fun and the costume is very cute, but after working there 3 days in a row (with 2 days off inbetween) I realized how much I love and missed Art of Disney. I work there tonight, and am actually looking forward to it!
Christmas gave me more interaction with children, which I was grateful for. Adorable kids. One little boy yesterday in a stroller was looking around at everyone in the store and waved at all of them. :) I like working there, but not this many days in a row...there's a lot more to it than Art. I think it may be the guest interaction. At Art, I have more of it talking with them about the Art pieces, what Vinylmation is (ooooh man...my collection has grown since the last time I've mentioned it...) but at Christmas, it's the basic "hello how are you? Where are you from?" and wrapping up their gifts...blah. I am VERY good at wrapping fragile items now, though ;D
Next week I work at Christmas again, and also ANOTHER store called Wonderful World of Memories. It's in the same building as Art of Disney, so the stores are connected. I should know that store a lot better than Christmas since I have to walk through it all the time to get to Art of Disney. There are tons of opportunities to play with kids too. :) Also, I get to learn how to stitch the names on the back of Mickey hats!! WOO!

Today my plan is to mail out my sister's late birthday present (sorry J!! I bet you're going to like it though!) and go to Property Control, finally! It's a Cast Member store that basically has a ton of park merchandise that has been "damaged" out by the stores. So we're lookin at 50%+ discounted Disney stuff. Most of which end up there for the stupidest reasons like being dirty or there's a tiny rip, or chipped.... nothing that a little glue or stitching can't fix! I'm stoked!
Then it's off to work at Art of Disney <3

Alrighty, I see that I have a bad habit of rambling in these posts....sooo I'm gonna go now. :)

Oh, one more thing....Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...I am definitely going. Cast Members get discounted tickets on certain days in September. So, yep...There are going to be villains EVERYWHERE and I cannot be more ecstatic about meeting them! xD

Ok, now...goodbye.