TRON: Legacy
Just got back from the midnight showing of TRON: Legacy and I am on a "good movie high" as I like to call it. Meaning, I want to do nothing but talk about how amazing it was! But, seeing as my roommates are all slumbering (not to mention none of them have seen the original TRON)...here's a blog! :D

My expectations were met. I love that!! It rarely happens for me (aka Pirates 3)

I do have to admit before I go on gushing about this movie...that when I first heard that they were making a new TRON movie...I hated the idea. I was totally against it and really disappointed they would mess with a great classic. But then I saw the trailer...also the fact that Jeff Bridges was going to be in it was a BIG help in getting me to be excited for this movie. After a few months of following the production details of the movie, we learn that Bridges actually doesn't just do a cameo...he's actually a GIGANTIC part in the whole thing! I totally thought this would be the story of Sam (Flynn's son), but it was really just a continuation of Flynn and his programs that go insane.

First off...the graphics. Oh, my, Lord were they beautiful. I want to LIVE in that world...not to mention young Jeff Bridges! He is computer generated. He looks like Jim Carrey did in A Christmas Carol. Same program I bet. But to put a total CG character mixed in with actual actors blew me away.

The story was good. Kinda just another version of the original TRON storyline. User goes into Grid, forced to fight on Grid, meets sidekick program, evil guy finds out he's a user, find out the super evil plan, take it down...yadda yadda...

The acting was good too. Cora was probably my favorite character. She was bad ass but a curious optimistic bad ass. Sam was gorge. (hah) and Flynn (Bridges) was, of course, spot on in his performance. His random slang from the 80s was kinda cheesy though. Lol

Now, what I am suuuper happy about with this movie...it really is a tribute to the original. First, one of the promotional posters is pretty much a recreation of the original film poster back in 1982. It was even on the wall of young Sam's room! Then there's Bridges and Alan (forgot the actor's name). You gotta have them in there!
The settings from the first movie are obviously perfectly recreated (the arcade, Flynn's old room above the arcade)
The Grid was basically the original movie's design but...finished? I don't know to explain this...but the first movie looked like that if we used the technology we have today to make it not so...blocky...you would get the world that we see in the new movie.
Then there are more little things throughout the movie...lines being used "That's a really big door" "End of Line", etc.
For those who have seen the movies, did you catch the cameo of Bit? <3

Phew...I think that's it! I hope I didn't ruin anything...I couldn't really reveal the "twist" because I didn't really understand it myself...Isos? If you've seen the movie, please...explain those to me?

Well, time for bed. I hope I can blog again soon! Only THREE weeks left of my program! Wow.

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