"I'm almost there..."
I said I was going to update again when I was in Florida, but right now I'm half way there and can't sleep.

I've made it to Denver, CO where I will be flying out. I like Denver. It's NICE here. I'm breathing in my last bit of not dry (Nevada) and not humid (Florida) air. So it really is like I'm in the middle of my trip.

Mom and I set our alarms for 5 30am to wake up and start getting ready (my flight's at 8am), but I was WIDE AWAKE at 3am. I tossed and turned trying to get back to sleep, but that was a long shot. I am WAY to nervous/excited! So, I got up at 4am and took a shower and now...I am writing you, blog, as quietly as possible. Pretty sure I'm failing at it from my sister's perspective. SORRY J! :D

I'm hungry...I really shouldn't be though. We found this restaurant yesterday called Old Chicago (mom and I were craving pizza like crazy last night) and it was DELICIOUS. Maybe I should heat up the left overs we brought back...nah too much work. OH! Cliff bars!

Haha rereading that last bit, "cliff bars" sounds like a sensored curse. "Cliff bars! I just stubbed my toes!" eh eh?

Wow...off topic. Ok...

My roomie Anna has made it to Florida already :) I cannot wait to meet her! She and her grandparents are letting me stay with them the night before check-in. RELIEF! The hotel is right across the street from it, so it really does make me feel better about getting there.

Um...gaaaaah I'm nervous. I love flying, dont get me wrong. The coolest sensation you feel is take-off. But...I just want to BE THERE already. Not out of impatience or anything (ok, partially because of impatience)...just because I hate uncertainty. So many things can go wrong within the next 24 hours...

My flight. I have doubts of getting internet in the sky. Soooo I brought a movie (TRON :D ) and have 3 others downloaded on my computer. I should be set. OH (cliff bars!) I need to pre-make bracelets! My friend Rachael back at home taught me how to make these bracelets out of this floss string stuff and since I might be tackled trying to bring scissors on the plane...I should cut the strings now.

I'm going to go do that. And try to figure out how to use the nifty coffee maker in the bathroom. Not that I need a pick-me-up...I'm just addicted to caffeine. :)

See you CPs soon!!
Wow...time has FLOWN BY. It seems like I just went onto my yahoo to check my theater work schedule and instead find my acceptance letter....4 months ago. Wow.

This weekend has been pretty hectic. Thursday, I officially got EVERYTHING packed I need/want for Disney. I successfully got 2 suitcases and one carry-on (plus my purse...so two carry ons?) I left out the clothes I'm wearing for the next week so I dont have to go through my suitcases and pack AGAIN in Wyoming. No thanks. Spacebags are awesome and all...but SUCK (pun unintended) getting to fit into suitcases. I had to shape them just right before sucking the air out....lol

Friday was our Going Away Party. "There's a two story party going on right now? Oh. My. God." My friend Michael's reaction after learning that we had more party type things in my apartment. (my mom lived in a complex below me. Lol) It was SO MUCH FUN. 32 people all together showed up. We had the party last all day, so some came and went and more came...We didn't get a chance to play Disney Scene It though. Sad. Roomies, if you read this...we MUST play sometime. :D I can't bring it with me, but maybe my mom can ship it to me later. :)

Yesterday...good lord. Shantell (roommate/bestie) and I started cleaning our apartment at 12 30, and we were completely done at 7. 6 1/2 hours we were cleaning! GAH?! It was nice to go to lunch with one of my old roommates, Amanda before we started to clean though. :) I missed her. She informed me that her and her roommates are planning on having a Disney Party. WHAT?! xD But to join in you have to be in complete costume. Um...I am so down for this! How funny... I told her she had to wait to have it until I get back. Haha

So, hopefully we get our deposit back on the apartment. We did a pretty good job..only thing we were unable to do was get the carpet steam cleaned...we had a steamer, but it was broken, so we ended up getting on our hands and knees scrubbing the major spots we could see. Blah. Thankfully, our friend Kristen came by and helped out. She made our kitchen SPOTLESS.

Overall...I'm really going to miss Carson. I truly do love Nevada. I used to think that I hated it, but honestly...it's beautiful. The weather is random and annoying...but other than that...
I'm really going to miss everyone. So much so, as of right now, I'm not planning on extending my program. We'll have to wait and see for that option...

I'm currently writing this in my mom's hotel room waiting for her and my sister to get back from Church. That'll be....in an hour and a half. So I figured, I'd update about my weekend. Haha

BY THE WAY...that secret video I've been mentioning...yeaaaahhh didn't happen. I have other opportunities while I'm in Disney to do it though. So, it might still happen. Just not right away. Not to mention I have no video editing program on my computer yet. And the Windows Movie Maker is weird...I dont know how to work it. I didn't really try to figure it out though. I bet I'll get it eventually...

Alrighty...I'm off now. For those Reno/Carsonites I didn't see one more time...I shall miss you, dearly. I'll be back soon!

OH! Here's a picture of the cake my friend Kendra made for our going away party! The bison is the symbol on the Wyoming flag. We asked her to incorporate Wyoming and Disney together...she's pretty much amazing. Haha

Have a magical day! My next post will be coming to you from Florida!! <3