Because I'm trying to distract my mind...
Working at a movie theater has its advantages. Employee screenings are one of the best parts of working there! But when I have to choose between a horror movie or Furry Vengence...yeah. I'd rather go for the horror. Pretty sure Furry Vengence would have been scarier.

Nightmare on Elm Street releases tomorrow (today?) and yeah, it would have been like any ol horror movie to screen...but our theater just added D-Box which pretty much made the movie 5x scarier for me. (I screamed! Not cool.)

Anyway, D-Box in a nutshell: seats that move with the movie.

It does it's job. That's for sure.

ANYWAY, how this relates to Disney...first thing I did when I got home: Turn on the light, light a really good smelling candle, turned on my space heater, and put Lilo and Stitch into the DVD player.

Disney calms my nerves. xD

In College Program news....I'm talking with a few different people in the same program as me already! Exciting! I also ordered a shirt with my program date on it. Love it :) I'll post a picture of me in it as soon as I get it! Totally wearing it to Check-in!

*The design :) *
My apartment (re)search is underway!
Hey! I'm posting an awful lot within the first week of starting this blog. And all my posts seem to always be written close to midnight...Oh dear.

BUT today I went a *little* DCP crazy. Literally ALL DAY I was researching the program, chatting on forums with fellow CPs, and watching more of JohnWDWCP on YouTube.
I also took a little detour from actual research to fixing my layout here and...YouTube in general.

My current roommate (Shantell) looked over at me with eyes that looked just like this: O_o from the sounds that were emitting from my laptop while she was on her PS2. What addicting video topic did I find?


Seriously...if you want a good dose of children and their adorable cuteness...search that term on YouTube. Some parents get really creative to surprise their kids with Disney trips! It also makes me happy that most of these kids think its a cruel joke their parents are playing on them. Disney is just too good be true to these kids! Priceless!

Ok...so in my second post, I mentioned how I was too lazy to research the different apartment complexes I could stay in during my program...well I looked today! :)
The 3 that I can find are: Vista Way, Chatham, and Patterson.

Vista Way, I've read, is the party place. I'm not exactly that gung-ho about goin to parties or hearing them every night. I like sleep...

Chatham gets good reviews and I was leaning towards it just because of them...but then...

a fellow Fall 2010 CP facebook messaged me today (WOO!) and she mentioned how she wants to live in Patterson. I didn't ask why, but asked how I could find different reviews and such on these apartments...she told me to go to that one magical website that holds all that is dear and source of my knowledge and power.....YouTube.

I really like the way this one looks. Seems pretty spacious and from what I've also read, close to shopping and the bus stop that will take me to work. More research shall be done, of course...but Patterson will be my first pick ;)
Ugh...late night blog layout creating sucks.

I just came to my blog to check on things (hello new followers/fellow CPs!) and decided....I really despise my layout.
Probably cuz I've been going to other DCP blogs and theirs looks so much better. Haha

I need to turn in some homework online (little late! gaaah!) then I'll be back in the creating a layout mode again.

There we go! I like this one a lot more :)

I'm debating on "vlogging". *sigh* I've tried this before...not really sure.

Leave comments (especially if you're a fellow CP! I would LOVE to chat with you. :D )
An overview....And a new layout!
Hey everyone! Once again, I fulfilled my promise of a new post. Go me!

Like the new layout? The title thing is a little cheesy, yes...but there is a mouse on it... (ha. ha?)

I think I'll make this post mainly about all I know thus far (I think that is my favorite phrase...I use it a lot, I've noticed. I digress.) about my particular program. :)

I will be participating in the Fall 2010 season. I have selected the arrival date of August 9th, and so my departure date will be January 7th. I'll be there for Halloween AND Christmas! Goal in life: See a Disney park during the holidays: ACHIEVED.

I will probably be leaving Nevada the last day of July though. :( I might be going to be traveling to Wyoming with my mom and sister (who are actually moving there) and staying with them until I fly out to Florida. This might be the best plan for a few reasons: Mom and sister can keep my car alive while I'm gone, sister can learn to drive (wait, is this a good thing?), and...flights to Florida=MUCH CHEAPER. Like...half of what it'd be at the Reno airport.

I think I'll break the rest of this down in the way they did for me...Living, Earning, and Learning.


I will be staying in an 1-4 bedroom apartment. I cannot currently sign up for my preferences. I think it'll let me the beginning of June. :/ I'll be emailed when it's available, soooo yeah. Waitin on that...
To each bedroom is 2 people. So the most amount of roommates I can have is 8 (very good class.) That's a little too many people for me to handle. I'm thinking about asking for a 2 bedroom or at LEAST a 3 bedroom.
The apartments...I think there are 4 different complexes. I should really look this up...*goes off to do so*
Gah nevermind...I can't find what different apartments there are and I'm really lazy right now to really try and look. (another 8 hour day at work. ugh.) But, I've heard Vista is a suuuper party place...I think I want to stay away from that. I like sleep?


My role: Merchandise

I do not know which store I will be working in until I get to Florida. Kind of annoying...
$7.25/hr Kind of sucky.
30-40 hr week...eh, that's what I get now. Lol
Working IN Disney World....WORTH IT.

That's all I have to say about THAT. :)
...oh and discounts galore. Good lord.


I do not know yet if I will actually be taking classes while I'm there. They are optional, but if they didn't count towards WNC (I will be checking this week) then I don't think I can take them without burning myself out completely.
See...I like having my Millenium Scholarship...and if I lose it because I wont be getting credit in Florida that's a little problem. BUT I am also going to check up on if I can tell the Millenium people "Hey...I'll be back! Please don't hurt me..."
Alternate route: Keep my millenium by taking online WNC classes. I have to have 12 credits to keep it, right? Well...that's at least 4 classes. So add 4 online classes on top of 2-3 classes I'll be taking at Disney World and working? Ugh. I'm tired just thinking about it! See what I mean, though? Dilemma.

So there's the basic stuff...Nerve wracking and yet very exciting. :)

How I'm preparing right now...I'm trying to get information together. Like I said, I need to check with WNC to make sure I get credit and that I wont lose my Millenium...I also can't really do anything else until I find out this living situation in June.
I am also getting insight to the program! YouTube and Facebook are wonderful things.

What I found on YouTube: JohnWDWCP. John made his channel of Vlogs weekly from the day he finished his phone interview with the representatives. Makes me wonder what would have happened to his channel if he wasn't accepted...probably gather dust. ANYWAY, he did a weekly vlog thing about his time in the program. As far as I've gotten...he's still at home waiting for his departure date. I'm actually going to watch a few more "episodes" after I finish writing this.

Facebook: Walt Disney World College Program Fall 2010 group! I'm going to go forum CRAZY tomorrow. Maybe meet some potential roommates? :D

Oh my, this is long. I told you I had a lot to cover. Not sure when the next post shall be, and from the looks of things, a lot of people are happy I'm going to do this blog, soooo I assure you...I'll update here whenever I get some new information. :)

Thanks guys!
Intro to ze blog!
Hey everyone! Well...I wanted to find a way of letting you guys know what/how I'm doing while I'm in Florida without ya know...annoying all of Facebook with constant facebook status updates. Sure those will happen anyway...but if I had a blog to rant into while I was there, they might be less pronounced.

Besides, I can't be very detailed in Facebook statuses. Here, I'll tell you EVERYTHING (worth telling that is), and post pictures, and links to videos I *might* take while I'm there. :)

I hope my layout isn't too boring...I want to customize one, but thought I should just wait till I have some creativity stored away in my brain. I just got off from an 8 1/2 hour shift at work and I'm TIRED. But I promised to do some blogging after work...so here is the first post. I fulfilled my duty.

Another promise: I will be posting again tomorrow with all the information I know about the my plans and program thus far. And some interesting videos I found on Youtube that made me all sorts of excited!