Intro to ze blog!
Hey everyone! Well...I wanted to find a way of letting you guys know what/how I'm doing while I'm in Florida without ya know...annoying all of Facebook with constant facebook status updates. Sure those will happen anyway...but if I had a blog to rant into while I was there, they might be less pronounced.

Besides, I can't be very detailed in Facebook statuses. Here, I'll tell you EVERYTHING (worth telling that is), and post pictures, and links to videos I *might* take while I'm there. :)

I hope my layout isn't too boring...I want to customize one, but thought I should just wait till I have some creativity stored away in my brain. I just got off from an 8 1/2 hour shift at work and I'm TIRED. But I promised to do some blogging after work...so here is the first post. I fulfilled my duty.

Another promise: I will be posting again tomorrow with all the information I know about the my plans and program thus far. And some interesting videos I found on Youtube that made me all sorts of excited!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am so excited about this site. But YOU MUST text and call me too. I know you will. Love ya

Anonymous Pam said...
I cant wait for you to start your adventure!!

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