Because I'm trying to distract my mind...
Working at a movie theater has its advantages. Employee screenings are one of the best parts of working there! But when I have to choose between a horror movie or Furry Vengence...yeah. I'd rather go for the horror. Pretty sure Furry Vengence would have been scarier.

Nightmare on Elm Street releases tomorrow (today?) and yeah, it would have been like any ol horror movie to screen...but our theater just added D-Box which pretty much made the movie 5x scarier for me. (I screamed! Not cool.)

Anyway, D-Box in a nutshell: seats that move with the movie.

It does it's job. That's for sure.

ANYWAY, how this relates to Disney...first thing I did when I got home: Turn on the light, light a really good smelling candle, turned on my space heater, and put Lilo and Stitch into the DVD player.

Disney calms my nerves. xD

In College Program news....I'm talking with a few different people in the same program as me already! Exciting! I also ordered a shirt with my program date on it. Love it :) I'll post a picture of me in it as soon as I get it! Totally wearing it to Check-in!

*The design :) *
Blogger Kayla said...
I'm wearing a shirt with that exact design on it right now. How are you getting your date on it?

Blogger MaryanneB said...
Kayla: Haha no no no...I should have reworded this. I meant that it says the Year I'm going :)

Sorry for the confusion! <3

Blogger Megan said...
Where do you go to order DCP shirts?

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