My apartment (re)search is underway!
Hey! I'm posting an awful lot within the first week of starting this blog. And all my posts seem to always be written close to midnight...Oh dear.

BUT today I went a *little* DCP crazy. Literally ALL DAY I was researching the program, chatting on forums with fellow CPs, and watching more of JohnWDWCP on YouTube.
I also took a little detour from actual research to fixing my layout here and...YouTube in general.

My current roommate (Shantell) looked over at me with eyes that looked just like this: O_o from the sounds that were emitting from my laptop while she was on her PS2. What addicting video topic did I find?


Seriously...if you want a good dose of children and their adorable cuteness...search that term on YouTube. Some parents get really creative to surprise their kids with Disney trips! It also makes me happy that most of these kids think its a cruel joke their parents are playing on them. Disney is just too good be true to these kids! Priceless!

Ok...so in my second post, I mentioned how I was too lazy to research the different apartment complexes I could stay in during my program...well I looked today! :)
The 3 that I can find are: Vista Way, Chatham, and Patterson.

Vista Way, I've read, is the party place. I'm not exactly that gung-ho about goin to parties or hearing them every night. I like sleep...

Chatham gets good reviews and I was leaning towards it just because of them...but then...

a fellow Fall 2010 CP facebook messaged me today (WOO!) and she mentioned how she wants to live in Patterson. I didn't ask why, but asked how I could find different reviews and such on these apartments...she told me to go to that one magical website that holds all that is dear and source of my knowledge and power.....YouTube.

I really like the way this one looks. Seems pretty spacious and from what I've also read, close to shopping and the bus stop that will take me to work. More research shall be done, of course...but Patterson will be my first pick ;)

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