Mr. Mouse is starting to get on my nerves.
The past week has had some....interesting developments in my program.

First off...I was happily working at the Art store, didn't really mind having one shift a week at the Christmas store...then out of no where I get Christmas ALL THIS WEEK! Not cool, Mick. I was not going to be okay with this if it turned out to be a normal thing...

Second...For the past few weeks, one of the bathrooms had a soap dish that was in the wall, fall off. Maintenance comes in and glues it back on, couple days later...it falls off. Now it takes them WEEKS to come back and look at it. About a few days ago, they come in and tell us that we have to share a shower for a couple days while they take out the entire wall. ooooookay then. The day they were to "take out the wall" we get a call that afternoon telling us that they're moving us to a different building. UGH?! So...yeah...they're giving us our keys to our new place tomorrow and we have to be out completely on Wednesday by 4pm. What the hell? Thanks for the warning/time...
So this new building is farther back, laundry isn't as close as it was before for us, mail box is right next to us which I guess is a plus...but....this just sucks big time.


I got to work about half an hour early so I decided to look over my new schedule for next week (eager to see if I was free from Christmas's grasp). I print out the schedule and as I was looking at it and putting the information into my phone's calendar I see that ALL my times for THIS week (the week I was supposed to be at Christmas) are changed...
Tonight was supposed to be my Friday. Monday and Tuesday off has been my norm for the past month and a half. They added a shift on Tuesday, then I'm at Design-A-Tee all next week (with one random Xmas shift in the middle)

Now...Ive wanted to work at Design-A-Tee for a while. So when I saw that part I was excited...Im just mad that I wasn't TOLD my schedule was changed! I mean, if I didn't print out the new schedule I would have been a No Call No Show on Tuesday and in Christmas garb on Wednesday...

So now...that I work on Tuesday (all day, mind you.), Monday (tomorrow) is my only day to move all my crap over to the new apartment. Soooo that's exactly how I want to spend my only day off this week. Yep...thanks Mickey. You really are a rat, arent you?

....I do need Disney Tee-shirt ideas now that I'm going to start at Design-A-Tee! It has to be a black shirt, preferably (for me) one character, and a quote of some sort. I'm not sure if I can have movie quotes on it...but that would be lame anyway :P I want a quote that will be funny and relate to whatever the character is. Suggestions? :)

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