It's been a while...

I've noticed a trend of when I decide to make new blog posts. When it's super late at night and/or super tired.

Lets start off with why I'm super tired, as it may be a reasonable hour when you see what time I posted this.

Downtown Disney basically had it's own version of "black friday" this morning. Now, for weeks I've known of it, and just thanked the Lord that I wasn't working it...but then I was talked into GOING to it just yesterday. I closed yesterday which means I got home at about 1am. The sale starts at 5 30, but people can start lining up at 4. I, of course, went with the crazy chick who needed the D&B Coach bags...so we were to leave at 3 45am. Yeah, no point of sleeping, right? We made a Walmart run for small snacks and Amps. I already drank one before the sale, and am really tempted to just drink the other one right now but I KNOW I'm going to need it later. Why?

Oh, right...I'm WORKING AT 10AM! Once again, no time for sleep. Or I could sleep but there's a very good chance I wont wake up. Not good.

I also just realized...if I say something completely random that doesn't make sense with what I'm talking about...it's the sleep deprivation. I just had to go back and delete something that absolutely no sense in the above paragraph.

Anyway....I haven't posted in a while. I know. I'm sorry. Lol
I can give the usual excuse...I was busy working. I normally have 2 days off so...I'm pretty sure it's just because I'm lazy and forget.

Nothing really to report...OH our Holiday discount kicked in a couple weeks ago. Yeah, bad. Very bad.

Ummm... I have a story of a guest interaction I had at Design A Tee last night!

I love Design A Tee, first off. Like, more than Art of Disney. It's fun! The guests you get are completely different from the ones Art get...or at least they act differently depending on the store. Well, anyway....
Printing the shirts isn't too bad either. It keeps my hands busy and there's always something to do (unless it's a SUPER slow day and neither of the printers are running...

Right the story...

I was out front "merchantaining" and a father and his daughter (she was probably 7 or 8) came in and wanted to make a shirt. Time seemed to be an issue for them (we give them an hour for the shirt to be made) so I magically rushed the shirt to be done within half an hour. ;D
Anyway...the little girl was ADORABLE. She just kept telling me how much she loves Monster's Inc. and wanted something similar to the shirt I had (image of Mike Wazowski with the words "We scare, because we care.") and so, she basically copied my shirt but with a different Monster's image. Her dad was awesome too. Thanking me for how helpful I was, and how cool the store was, and complimented me on my choice of major in school (he found out i was a college program student). Overall amazing people. Then when it came to check out, we verified the shirt was perfect for her, and i made sure half an hour wasn't a problem for the printers. I finished the transaction and the father handed me a pink heart shaped balloon. He told me while we were waiting for the girl to make her shirt that he was a party entertainer and knew balloon animals and such.
awww ^_^

Then they left, and the shirt was done on time. I didn't realize that the time they were coming back was a time I was on my break...now I was going to feel bad not being there since I helped them out so much...I ran out of the break room and worked during my break until they arrived. "I was waiting for you!" I told them and showed the girl the shirt, and she freaked out! She loved it :D I bagged it all up for her and she gave me a hug.

It was pretty much the highlight of my day. <3

Ugh...my stomach feels funky. I know I'm not hungry cuz i just ate..but maybe it was what I ate? I don't know...I just hope I don't feel like this during work. No bueno.
Especially since today is an Artist signing! Robert Ols..yeah can't spell his last name. Hopefully I'm helping out with that most of the day, at least then there will be something to do to keep me awake and keep my mind off my stomach...uuughhh x_x

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