Disney College Program diet/excersize plan.
First off...Disney has their own measuring system for their costumes. I like to call it "Disney" size. My Disney Size pants are 22 (probably not anymore), and my shirts are Medium. Yeah, it's a bit weird.

Anyway! I've noticed (and my friends and family have noticed via pictures I've been posting on FB) that I have lost weight. WOO!

Only thing...I'm not comfortable in my jeans anymore! I've had to use my work issued belt to hold them up! I've also realized after going to Property Control (50%+ merchandise discounted stuff that is considered "damaged") and I bought a couple shirts in Large. I get home and try them on...yeah...they're pajama shirts now. WAY too big. This is so weird! I've been buying Large shirts and size 16+ jeans for YEARS.

Not that I'm not eating! Cuz I am! I try to every chance I get. I just don't eat AS MUCH. My proportions are controlled. Maybe it's me growing up? Dunno.

Also, I walk A LOT. Every day I work it's a 10 minute walk from the bus to my store (I should say my 'zone' since I'm working at 3 out of the 5 stores there...) and then a 10 minute walk back to the bus when I get off. Not to mention whenever I have a day off I'm at the parks which, of course, has tons of walking involved.

Um, Animal Kingdom? Its GIGANTIC! Magic Kingdom's not that bad. Probably cuz I'm used to going back and forth between the "worlds". Epcot...I haven't even been the countries yet!

 I've decided not to weigh myself until I get back to Wyoming. That was where I last weighed myself to figure out how heavy my suitcases were. I was 180ish. This shall be interesting. ^_^

Off topic....MAGICAL MOMENTS when I worked at Wonderful World of Memories!

One of my fellow cast members got the task to "make a magical moment". I was jealous, but it was fun to watch her do it. It was really slow that night, so all she really could do was gather the 3 kids in the store and asked them if they wanted to color with her at the small coloring table. They, of course, agreed. I was standing in the background just smiling at these adorable kids chatting away with the cast member and coloring...then one little girl looked over at me "HEY! Whats your name?!" I walk over and join them in coloring. SO CUTE. We asked them who their favorite princesses were, if they met them yet, yadda yadda...

Then...one little girl joined us about 5 minutes later and I saw she had a birthday pin on. I tell her happy birthday and asked her if she wanted to color. She asked for a Princess Jasmine coloring page. As the other cast member goes to get her one, I asked her if Goofy called her yet. She looked confused. "Goofy wants to talk to you! He told me earlier! Come over here! Lets call him back!" I take her to our store phone and dial a special number and handed her the phone. Goofy was on the other end telling her happy birthday and sang to her. Her face LIT UP! It was the best moment of my program by far (so far)! Goofy's message ended and she smiles "Goodbye Goofy!!" and hands me the phone and runs to her parents "Mommy! GOOFY CALLED ME! He sang Happy Birthday!" <3 <3
Anonymous Tory said...
I am so jealous that you got to make that little girl's day :] what a good idea!

And way to go on the weight loss!

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