One month? That's all?
HEY! :D I haven't updated in a while! And I am sorry about that. I've just been VERY busy.

Well...if you count playing at the parks during all my free time as busy...

I love it here. I truly do. <3 But, I have officially decided not to extend my program to May. I miss Nevada! It's so strange saying that. I mean...back in high school my friends and I used to tell each other that we were going to get OUT of that place and never return...well...I'm out and all I can't stop thinking about is returning! Also, I really really really really x infinity miss my friends.

Don't get me wrong, my roommates are beyond amazing (sometimes. :P) and I love them all to death and think I am SUPER lucky that we dont hate each other. 8 people and the odds of them all getting along...yeah, that's a very slim chance, and we nabbed it! Yes, there are some issues now and then...but you know. All roommates will have problems with other roommates no matter how many there are.

Enough about that...on to work!

Work has been going well! I've "earned my ears"! Well...sorta... I think they forgot that someone is supposed to take the ribbon off my nametag...sooo I gave it till I've worked at a different store other than Art of Disney to remove the ribbon myself. Which I did, and no one either cared or noticed. So...that's that.

Yep, so far I've worked at two different stores. Art of Disney is my "home" store, then I was deployed to Disney Days of Christmas. Which was fun and the costume is very cute, but after working there 3 days in a row (with 2 days off inbetween) I realized how much I love and missed Art of Disney. I work there tonight, and am actually looking forward to it!
Christmas gave me more interaction with children, which I was grateful for. Adorable kids. One little boy yesterday in a stroller was looking around at everyone in the store and waved at all of them. :) I like working there, but not this many days in a row...there's a lot more to it than Art. I think it may be the guest interaction. At Art, I have more of it talking with them about the Art pieces, what Vinylmation is (ooooh man...my collection has grown since the last time I've mentioned it...) but at Christmas, it's the basic "hello how are you? Where are you from?" and wrapping up their gifts...blah. I am VERY good at wrapping fragile items now, though ;D
Next week I work at Christmas again, and also ANOTHER store called Wonderful World of Memories. It's in the same building as Art of Disney, so the stores are connected. I should know that store a lot better than Christmas since I have to walk through it all the time to get to Art of Disney. There are tons of opportunities to play with kids too. :) Also, I get to learn how to stitch the names on the back of Mickey hats!! WOO!

Today my plan is to mail out my sister's late birthday present (sorry J!! I bet you're going to like it though!) and go to Property Control, finally! It's a Cast Member store that basically has a ton of park merchandise that has been "damaged" out by the stores. So we're lookin at 50%+ discounted Disney stuff. Most of which end up there for the stupidest reasons like being dirty or there's a tiny rip, or chipped.... nothing that a little glue or stitching can't fix! I'm stoked!
Then it's off to work at Art of Disney <3

Alrighty, I see that I have a bad habit of rambling in these posts....sooo I'm gonna go now. :)

Oh, one more thing....Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party...I am definitely going. Cast Members get discounted tickets on certain days in September. So, yep...There are going to be villains EVERYWHERE and I cannot be more ecstatic about meeting them! xD

Ok, now...goodbye.

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