Super Ultimate Awesome Hang Out Day!
The time is winding down now! It's so cloooose and it's just poof...over.

It's starting to feel like crunch time for a few reasons. Our program graduation was last week, then my bestest program friend, Keri, and I had to say goodbye to each other yesterday. He's leaving the program early on Dec. 23 so yesterday was the last day we could hang out due to our work schedules keeping us apart! Lol

We planned out to go to Downtown Disney to go to Disney Quest, unfortunately when we got there we realized that the blackout dates began the day earlier. Sooo we hopped onto a Resort bus to catch a bus over to Epcot after getting Celebration Buttons that say "Super Ultimate Awesome Hang Out Day!"

In Epcot, we first went over to get a time for our Kim Possible missions to start. While waiting for our time, we went to The Land and saw where all the parks' fruit, vegetables, and fish are grown. SO COOL. :)
Our missions started and we got our Kimmunicator and began in the UK to stop Duff Killigan :P We flooded his hideout, no worries.
Then in Mexico we chased Shego and Drakken around and stopped him from launching a rocket...
And Germany was our last stop where we stopped Dr. Dementor from passing out mind control pretzels!

The missions are so cool...you Kimmunicator actually activates things around the parks! Like when we flooded Killigan's hideout, we stood in front of a window, pushed a button on the Kimmunicator, and water started filling up in the window. In Mexico we stood under 3 pinatas that lit up a secret code for Wade to decifer. Then our favorite part in Germany...there's a miniature village with a working train set and such, we had to stand in front of the clock tower, push the button and the tower lights up and a bell tolls about 5 times, and the miniature people around the tower's eyes started to glow red and lifted up their arms like they were zombies! It was awesome. :)

We also went around the world to listen to a few of the Christmas storytellers. There's a different character for each country telling a different story each country has around the holidays. My favorites were Norway with a mischievous gnome, and Italy where a witch told her tale about the 3 kings came to her to tell her of Baby Jesus' birth. We also went to see Santa and Mrs. Claus :) They were so cute!
While we were in Canada, there's a store where you can meet Pooh and Tigger and we thought the line was closed off, but the Character Attendant asked us if we were going in...the line for these guys is always crazy so this was a nice surprise! We got a jumping photo with Tigger. Fun :D

Then, the highlight of the night...we went to Character Spot (C-Spot) to meet the Fab 5: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy. I took my giant Vinyl for them to sign, and we got some adorable pictures with each of them.
Now, Keri is a photopass photographer and works at C-Spot all the time, so he has connections...he worked it out with his coordinator and manager to get us in to meet the entire Fab 5 at the same time! This picture is SO RARE to get, you have no idea... We had to wait till C-Spot closed and for the line to disappear before we took the picture. It was awesome...So happy :)

Keri and I got a ride back to my apartment from one of his coworkers and we watched A Christmas Carol (which he hasn't seen before! gasp!)

Then....12 45am rolled around...and he had to leave. Our apartments have a rule to not have anyone not in Chatham on property after 1am. It was a hard goodbye :( I will miss him....

Thank the Lord for Facebook! <3

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