Slowly "Earning my Ears"
Day 1 off my training kinda...went as well as you expect a newbie sales person to go.

This is SO much different than what I'm used to...I've worked in a movie theater for the past 3 years (more or less) and...actual merchandise sales is tough! Can't I just offer the guest asking me about the $1000 painting I know nothing about some popcorn?

There are two sections in my store. One has 2 of the 3 registers and is basically like the front line of sales. I dont like it. At least not while I don't know anything. The other section is called Art on Demand. Art on Demand is currently offline, but that register still works. I like it muuuch better because its less stressful. Plus it's by the Vinylmation! I get to trade with kids all day if I'm stationed there. Yesterday, I played peek a boo with a 3 year old from Chile. I gave him a Mickey sticker and he put it over one of his eyes and acted like a pirate. Cutest kid ever.

Speaking of Vinylmation...I'm about to go with my roommate Anna to Downtown Disney (she works tonight and is driving there. I dont want to go on a rant about the buses here...but I'll jump at the opportunity to get a ride before I attempt the stupid bus.) and I'm going to look around her store (Once Upon A Toy) and buy my first Vinyl! Picture of it later :)
I'm also going to see how much it is to make my own Mr. Potato Head. Lol

....Did I ever tell you that I'm 5 years old?

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