Magic is everywhere already.
Good morning! I got up way too super early, but that's because I'm a paranoid individual. I have my Orientation called "Our Town" at DTD (Downtown Disney...I'm going to make a list of these "short cuts" for everyone who doesn't know them already later...)

But, this post is going to be about Traditions and my time at Magic Kingdom afterwards!

Traditions, as I've mentioned, is basically the orientation every Cast Member (employee.) needs to take. It's a history of how Walt started the company, and how he wanted it to be run. I got my Disney ID! Woot! The two Leaders that I had in my class were really funny. They made the 4 1/2 hours fly by. Mickey also showed up towards the end to give us our name tags. That was nice of him, I know he's a busy guy. :)

After Traditions I went with my new friend Keri to Magic Kingdom to use my first ever free pass into the parks!
Let me just say....Keri is awesome. :D He and I figured out the perfect way to fit EVERYTHING at Magic Kingdom into our playtime. We missed one parade, and didn't do the kiddy rides (aside from Peter Pan. Fastpass that shiz....dawg?) but yep...it was possible to do everything without feeling like you're in a rush to do them, either! Fun fun fun. ^_^

Also, if you haven't done the Jungle Cruise at night...DO IT. Its the best time to ride it. That is, if your skipper makes it fun. We had Skipper Lupe ("Loopy"). We got off the Cruise and went right back in line (it was towards park closing, so we basically just walked onto the boat again...) to ride it again with Lupe. Hilariousness ensued. He even found Keri (then I found him!) on Facebook. Now he wants to hang out sometime. Hah! xD

Summer Nightastic is in it's final days here, but when it comes around again...be sure to get to a Disney park! The fireworks are AMAZING. No matter where you were in the park you could see them, so there wasn't much of a crowd in Liberty Square (which, I think was probably the best spot. The fireworks were right above our heads) so getting out of Liberty Square after was not stressful at all....

Magical Moment: Keri and I were sorta.....distracted away from the fireworks. There was a Cast Member selling those toys that light up in the middle of Liberty Square, and when the music started she started to dance like crazy! She knew all the words and knew the perfect cues to point at the sky and a firework would go off. It was AWESOME! Then, when Hook started fighting Peter Pan via fireworks, a little kid ran up to her and began to sword fight with her to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean. Amazing. <3

Well, that's about it so far! I have watched my roommates go to work while I had days off. Not fun. After today and tomorrow, I will finally have an official schedule at my work location and we'll all be on the same page. (aside from Bethany. :( poor girl had a hell of time with paperwork ID mix ups...)

I leave in about an hour, but am ready now :/ I even made a lunch already...*sigh* well...I guess I'm going to...watch Spongebob? Anna just turned the tv on...lol

I'll update again after I have my first official day at work! <3

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