About my day off :)
Helllloooo :)

Nothing much to update about, but I'm bored. So I'll tell you stuff anyway! :D

Lets see...Work at AoD is going well. I know how to do shipments! Resort, home address, and post-sale! Wooo! Now, I'm still slowly learning more and more about the art in my store. There's TONS and each artist is so different from the other...it's overwhelming. Thomas Kinkade is probably my favorite, for obvious reasons. Too bad his art is over-priced and not available in prints...

We had a visiting artist last week! Randy Noble. His art is pretty good! I bought a couple of his prints :) He was also the guy that started the Vinylmation...yeeeaaah I blame him for my obsession. I only have 2 (and one keychain), but gaaaah I want mooooreeeee!

Today was my day off and my roomie Melina and I went to Animal Kingdom. It was TONS of fun! We went on the Dinosaur ride first. I remember loving it when I came to Disney World a while back....and I loooved it again! We then went on another Dinoland ride, I forgot the name...but it spun us around and jerked us every whichaway...and it was pretty much amazing.
All day the rides were basically us walking onto the ride. Yeah, it was awesome. So, we thought after doing Dinosaur and the other Dino ride, we would kill enough time until the next Finding Nemo Musical...but we got on them both so quickly we had an HOUR to kill...sooooo we went to Asia to go on Expedition Everest! Everest was being built last time I was here, so this one was completely new for me. It's probably close to my favorite ride at Disney, EVER. I don't want to give away what happens (yes, it goes backwards...but what happens while you're going backwards... ;)  )...but maaaan! Lets just say, Melina and I had to stop for a minute after getting off the ride to regain our footing...soooo dizzy...

The Nemo Musical was amazing. The girl that played Nemo was a fantastic singer. All of the singers were, but Nemo had a lot of singin to do...haha
I still wish the Tarzan Rocks! show was still there though... :(

After Nemo, we went to the Safari. It was about 3pm when we went on it, so I was hopin the animals were done napping...most were! The lions though...those lazy kitties...always sleepin. Simba was in the same place napping when we saw him last time though! Thought that was funny. :)

We were about to head over to the last Festival of the Lion King show at 4 30, but we got side-tracked by the forest walkthrough thing....that was probably one of my favorite parts of today. There was a room with small mammals (pigmy mice are the CUTEST things I've ever seen!) then we walked through the Aviary (barely any birds around though) we saw some monkeys...

OH! STORY! We found the Gorillas and the Silverback was really close to the glass. I got a cool picture of him on my phone, but after taking it, I realized he was..uh...taking care of some business. He finished up and scooped up his work and started walking closer to the glass in one of the corners of his enclosement. Everyone (including me) who saw this happening were in unison yelling "no...No! NO NO NO! AAAHHH!!" Gorilla mows down. Yep. Disgusting...all the while everyone else on the other side of the room were cooing at the mother gorilla and her 6 month old baby being super cute. *sigh*

...then....my favorite part of this walk...the Hippos. There was this GIANT tank where you can look in at the hippos and they were super friendly! Two of them walked right up to us and let us take pictures with them :) There was another hippo across the way not near the tank, but he surfaced and yawned! Holy moly was that a yawn! Coolest thing to watch

Then, Festival of the Lion King...of course it was awesome, spectacular...etc. :)

Yep...that's about it! Now, I work tomorrow, then another day off on Wednesday in Hollywood Studios (finally! my favorite park and I haven't gone there yet?! Saving the best for last...I guess.)  I'll update about my fun there :)

Also! I have a few shifts NOT in the AoD next week! I'll be working at Disney Days of Christmas (DDC) and I am excited! I know about Christmas merchandise more than I do about my own! Also...the costume is suuuperrrrr cute. Haha

See ya! <3

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