1st day. (kinda)
Where did I leave off? Merchantainment? I dont remember if I mentioned it yet. Well, if I did or not there's not much to say about it. IT SUCKED! Especially with the shoes I wore. I thought it was just a class...but nooo it was class that required me to stand for hours. My pinky toe hates me :(

I had a day off yesterday and it was lovely. I was going to go to Hollywood Studios, but unfortunately I started to not feel so hot :( I stayed home with my roommates instead and watched Disney movies all day. Still lots of fun :D

Today was my first in-store training day. So, I'm technically not on my own yet. I shadowed my trainer (who was from Belgium! Awesome accent.) all day and he pretty much told me all the answers to the assessment I'm going to probably take tomorrow. If I dont pass this assessment, I take it again. If I fail it AGAIN training all over again. Yeaaaah I'm not ok with this. I plan on passing the first time.

It was A LOT of information. There are tons of different buttons on the register I have to remember, and since it's a Fine Art store there are tons of rules about certain drawings, paintings, etc I'm going to have to remember...yeah right. :/

I think I figured out what I'm buying from my store already. But I am waiting for our Xmas 50% discount to kick in before I buy them ;D
I'm trying to decide between this painting of the seven dwarves in a line lit by the lanterns they're holding. It looks amazing...I have no idea how to describe it.
Then another one is of Stitch sitting in his bed Lilo made him with the ugly duckling book and he's lit up by moonlight. It's BEAUTIFUL. Maybe I can find a print of one of these and get the actual painting of the other...shouldn't be *too* expensive...
AND!!! There are these miniature light boxes! They are so cool! I can't decide which one I'm going to get, but I am for sure! Maybe I'll take pictures of these things i'm talking about and post them here...unlike other art galleries, we don't care if pictures are taken.

Well, I am STARVING. First thing I did when I got home (which took an HOUR AND A HALF because the buses freaking suck.) was take a shower and put my PJs on. I also put in The Little Mermaid because that's the only music I heard today at the Gallery...
I was going to make myself some dinner, but Anna came home and was all "HEY i'm making dinner." and what is she making? "Chicken alfredo." Bless her. <3

Post again after my first day off of Training (Friday)! Have a magically wonderful night everyone!

There you go, Veronika ;D

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