Ideas? :D
I always seem to blog late at night...


I am planning on making another video on Monday because I finally have a day off from work and have (at least I dont think...) anything planned other than vlogging. I told ya'll that I wouldn't have much to update about my program because I'm still in the "Waiting to get there" stage...

Oh, sidenote: That schedule I made for myself of stuff to do before leaving a few blogs back....yeah that is a complete FAIL.

ANYWAY! This new video...since I don't have anything really to update...I still want to post something. Then, my friend Keri (also in the CP Fall Program :] ) posted a vlog a couple days ago of his Top 5 favorite Disney movies. I think I shall do the same. (His and my answers are pretty similar...oh well. Lol)

This seems like a pretty good way to keep posting (and get used to talking to a camera again...) while I wait for Florida. What other Top 5s should I do? I would prefer them to be Disney related for obvious reasons...

Let me know! I'm going to get to bed now...closing then working an 8 hour shift at work during Twilight and Airbender 4th of July weekend= death for Maryanne.
Blogger o5ahoo said...
Hey Nice Look!
Here's an Idea for you,do an interview with Steamboat Willie.

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