I have less than 3 weeks left in Nevada...
26 days till I check in!

BUT I have only 17 days to get out my apartment and to Wyoming! YIKES!

I finally booked my plane ticket. I am flying with United, one-way. I made SURE that it was a non-stop flight too. I will not trust connecting flights ever again. Mom, sister and I were stuck in the Texas airport for 9 hours because our first flight arrived TWO MINUTES before our next flight took off...yeah. We didn't make it.

Anyway...I am flying out of the Denver International Airport at 8am on Saturday August 7th and arrive in Orlando Intl. at 1 30pm. Hopefully my Uncle will be able to pick me up right away...I think I'm going to find a hotel close to check-in just in case. That way, if things fall through with staying with him, I at least can taxi my way over to a hotel...

In other exciting news...I have 2 roommates so far! :) The roommate matching thing on the website wasn't doing anything for me, so I did it myself. Thank you, Facebook!
I posted on the FB Group for August 9th arrivals that I was still looking for roomies and voila! Anna and Siara are now my first DCP friends. Lol

I'm really excited to meet you two in person! We HAVE to get together the night before or maybe breakfast before check-in!

Vlog update...last week I was all ready to make a new video. I even started it! The first thing I said was "my camera battery is going to die, so lets do this quick!" one minute and mid-sentence later...*SWHOOOP* Battery exhausted. I'm going to try again tomorrow.
Today...is a lazy day. One of the last ones I'll have for a while. All I really did so far was grocery shop (which...i really really needed to do.) and now...I'm waiting for my mom to let me know when to go over to her place so we can catch up on Hell's Kitchen.

Also...now that I'm down to the wire on packing...that video idea I had a while ago is getting closer to the perfect time for me to make it! Confused? xD
Hint: One of my recent facebook statuses gives a hint as to what I'm planning. OH DANG!

Ok, bye!

PS...If you're in the DCP and don't know about Keri..... It's about time you've gotten aquainted. :D
Keri: Disney Edition!

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