Hangin out...
Hey everyone! I'm going to try and write this again and hopefully everything wont be lost this time....

I was going to just leave it and try again later after I got more packing done, but my leg is really not letting me move right now.

I hyper extended it on Monday last week when mom, sister and I went to Lemoore, California to visit family (trampolines and I apparently don't get along.) ...the swelling's gone down and I can walk and everything (so, Disney is still a GO!) I just woke up this morning and it was stiffer than usual and sharp pains shoot into my knee when I walk. Not fun...not fun at all.

SO I got lots of packing done already. Well...not packing, really. It's more like I've moved most of the stuff I wont need at Disney to my very own storage shed at my roommate, Shantell's, mother's house. My other mother. :)
I think I'm going to test out the space bags my mom got me today when I get sick of the living room couch I'm stuck in...

I have the whole roommate situation figured out :) I now have 3 wonderful roomies! I've already mentioned Siara and Anna, and now we have Bethany! We are hopin for a 2 bedroom in Chatham or Patterson. I'm really excited to meet them in person!

On Thursday, Shantell, mom, sister and I went to Lake Tahoe. I am really really really going to miss it! I'm upset with myself for not going that often. It was so beautiful. PERFECT weather too.

Lets see...what else...Oh. Apparently, I'm required to Renters Insurance now. It used to be "strongly recommended". Yeah...that whole situation sucks. The lady I talked to when I bought it ($126 for a year) was REALLY nice and, funnily enough, knew someone who was in the Disney College Program! So she understands why I wasn't able to give Geico my actual address...as I don't know it yet.

Ummm....yep. That's about it. It's getting REALLY hot in my apartment and sitting here isn't helping. I need to change into shorts or something....UGH

I hate being confined in one spot. >_>

Update again soon! I hope I can get the stuff for my secret video shot within the next few days!

15 days till check-in, 13 till I fly to Florida, 7 till I leave Nevada. Sigh.
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