What I thought of Toy Story 3 :]
Just got home from screening Toy Story 3 at work.

Now, little back story about me and Toy Story....it is my favorite Pixar movie. Part is because of the technology of it's time when it was released. I mean...First 3D graphic feature length? Awesome. Plus, I TOTALLY could relate to it. I believed my toys came to life when I wasn't there. And when I played with them, they were my best friends. Nerdy to say, but it's true. Lol

Toy Story 2...who doesn't get excited for sequels? I mean, yeah...they're typically bad. But Toy Story 2...The transition into it's storyline from the first was flawless.

Toy Story 3. Please be aware, there may...nay...WILL be spoilers written below.

I cannot BELIEVE how perfect it was. The "home video" of Andy playing with the toys was great.
My heart broke SO many times during this movie...The first one being Woody listening to Andy's voice on the phone. Then discovering Bo Peep was given away and how sad Woody looked (apparently, I have a soft spot for the cowboy). The ending was really what tore me up. It was a perfect way to end the movie and the triology, dont get me wrong, but...does anyone else feel like they've grown up with these toys? We may as well have! We were Andy's age when the first movie came out and now we're either about to start college or have been for a couple of years now! We KNOW how hard it is to let go of stuff you've had as a kid. So seeing Andy's sadness about donating the toys to Bonnie (once again, him letting go of WOODY)...ugh it hurt! But it was sooo sweet.

I am on cloud nine because of this movie. It has forever earned a spot on my favorite Disney movie list. It'll be the first sequel to do that, mind you. xD

Well, time for bed. I have a counselor appointment in 8 hours...I just wanted to get my review/rant out of the way. Luckily one of my friends who went to a midnight premiere of the movie was online when I got home... I would still be typing out my hysterics.


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