Packing attempt #1
So it begins...I have and always will HATE this part of traveling/moving.

Today, I have some time to spend on that master list of things to get done I made a few days ago.

OH! Just got texted by a coworker...usually that means they want me to cover a shift...waiting for response...waiting for response....

I really shouldn't take it even if I could. If I don't start packing today, it wont even begin till next week. I'm a very good procrastinator.

Gah...closing shift. Can't take that, sorry Kali :[

Well...now that I've diverged from the point...

My room will probably end up looking like a twister hit it tonight. This is the part of packing where I figure out what I'm giving away, taking/shipping, and storing.  Today is the day I see how much junk I have and curse myself for having all of it. Joy.

In vlog-related news...I have a Vlog now! Here is the first (introduction) of many!

Also...Inspiration hit me the other night for a future vlog! Only thing is...it requires timing. I can't do it for a couple of weeks. What it is...well...that'll be my little secret and something for you to look forward to ;) It's going to be pretty awesome.
If you have any ideas on what I could do for other vlogs, please let me know! I see that 5 Facts and Top 5 vlogs are trending in other CP vlogs...so I might just follow the crowd and do those sometime :]

See ya later!
Blogger Kal of El said...
Im excited to see more vlogs!

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