I'm off to Disneyland!
Work was killer this weekend. Toy Story 3, I love you and all....but you were painful to work with.

I'm currently running on 3 hours of sleep, but can't head to bed just yet....I wanted to make a few CDs for my car trip to DISNEYLAND tomorrow! I have gone to Disneyland every year since 2005, and it still feels like I'm just going to spend my day off normally...but NO. Once my friend Rachael and I get on the road it miiiight just sink in. Definitely not completely until we see the classic Welcome to Disneyland sign :]

I plan on writing a blog after my trip (we're going for 3 days) to let you know of our adventures! This is my first real "vacation" without a family member present. To DISNEY nonetheless... So this is going to be an AMAZING week!

I CAPS a lot of things...I just want to emphasize things. Lol

Anyway...this trip is also going to help sink in the fact that I'm going to BE (ha.) a Cast Member just like the ones I'm going to meet this week! It's going to be an eye opener and definitely a new way of seeing the park.

Well, I better start on those CDs. Hopefully my music didn't get destroyed from a virus that attacked my computer yesterday...yeah...that wasn't fun.

Goodbye, and I'll update next week! Should be a fun post to write :]

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