I get to the Happiest Place on Earth in 2 months!
Hey! Well, we've reached the 2 month marker. I think it's time for me to make a list with deadlines as to what I need to get done before I leave...I hate this part already.

Next week (June 14th-18th): Go through EVERYTHING I own and sort them out into what I need to bring to Disney, need to have shipped to me, need to store, and what to give away/sell. Have dinner with my father to discuss me leaving and what I need him to do for me while I'm gone.

June 21st-25th: I'll be in Disneyland!

June 28th-July 2nd: Start putting everything I have in "give away" on craigslist, facebook, goodwill, etc to be rid of it.

July 5th-9th: Get everything I need to take packed up and moved into a corner of my room so I can still get to them between now and leaving. I should also buy (unless someone wants to gift it to me :D) another CD holder case thing for my DVDs. I have one, but my collection grows weekly (I have a problem.) and need another to fit the rest. I will NOT survive in Florida without my movies.

July 14-18: My last day at work (14th). Time to start getting everything in "to store" moved over to my "other mother"s storage shed she's letting me rent while I'm gone =] Pack up everything I "need to ship"

July 21st-25th: I'm getting excited just THINKING about how close this is to my check in! xD More transferring stuff "to store". Start packing up my "need to take" stuff (clothes, mainly.) OH! I NEED Spacebags!! Another gift? ;D

July 28th-30th: Hang out with my friends one more time :[ Combined going away party on July 30th for my mom, sister, and me! (they're moving to Wyoming) I'll make a facebook event for it to remind you guys :]

August 1st-5th: Traveling to Wyoming and hanging out with my family there. :]

August 6th: Fly out to Florida!

August 7th-8th: Staying at my Uncle's. Pre-check in Dinner on the 8th with fellow CPers! :D

August 9th: CHECK IN!!

Then from there...I have my Traditions class, training days, and then my first official day of work. I am beyond excited for all of this! And I cannot wait to share more with you guys once I get there!

Speaking of sharing more with you guys...I am going to start Video-Blogs (Vlogs). It'll only be an every now and then video thing...just updates and stories and such. :) Gotta have the "walk-through" video of my apartment too! Haha

I'll let you know when I have the first video up! It'll be the awkward intro video...but at least it's a start

Have a magical day! <3

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