Fun stories (with pictures) from my trip to Disneyland :]
Just got back from watching Toy Story 3 again...It's got me into the Disney mood, so here's my blog post-Disneyland :]

My first vacation without a family member was a success! I've never had so much fun in one week before! LOVED IT. I've been to Disneyland before (I try to go every year), but this time was totally different. Rather than plan things out hour by hour (I'm not a big fan of Fastpass) we walked around the park and randomly "Hey, wanna ride Pirates? 10 minute wait time!!" and so on and so forth...We frequented Pirates, Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain though. Haha :]

The characters we met were AWESOME. I've met characters I've never seen before around Disneyland! Might be me not going enough, but I was excited!
Pictures! :D

Mary Poppins and Bert! I've found her before, but never her AND Bert :] I got her to say Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious (sp? I tried. xD) for me backwards!

This is my favorite quote from the plaques on Splash Mountain

This was taken on my phone! We were waiting in line for Snow White's Scary Adventure.

Cruella. She was the first one we met. This was in the Court Yard and everyone else was flocking to Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc....we ran to Cruella. <3

Also, I'm realizing now that these pictures are really not going in any particular order...I thought I would, but now that I've started, I don't want to fight with Blogspot to fix it. Sorrryyyy.

Cinderella. She's my second favorite Princess (first being Belle). She was the first to visit our table in Goofy's Kitchen. "Oh, this is a Princess Day I see!" :]

Mulan!? I've never met her before! She was the last one we met in Goofy's Kitchen. And to think...if we didnt have a hell of a time finding Parking that day (we missed our reservation time) we never would have seen her! Fate, me thinks? Haha "Oh, you're warriors! Yes, lets make warrior poses!"

Peter Pan!! I made a goal before I left for Disneyland to FIND HIM. Funny thing was...He found US.
We were with Mary Poppins and Bert, and just as I was asking her to say Supercal...(not trying it again) backwards for me, Peter was suddenly behind us! Mary started to say it backwards and Peter interrupts "Well, there are two ways she could say it. Either sounding crazy...or....crazy." and then he ran away! Rachael and I ran after him, and as we were passing underneith an arch of the Castle he jumps from around the corner making us scream from surprise.
Rachael tells him I've been looking for him all day (I was.) "Well, here I am!" He poses, then continues his search for pirates. Weirdo. xD

I'm kinda sad we didn't actually buy this one...its the picture taken from Splash Mountain and the looks of terror on our faces is NOT because of the drop we were so familiar with...it was the cold water. We rode it at 10pm. Haha
The looks on the family's faces behind us is pretty hilarious too.

I've never done the Princess Fantasy Faire walk before. We hit it at just the right time where there was barely a line for it. So, we met Aurora :]

And Snow White. We also met Cinderella again. The Photopass people had trouble with one of their cameras (or were switching Princesses) and Cinderella kept us entertained. I love it when characters actually interact with you rather than, "oh lets pose for a picture. Thanks."

This story doesn't have a picture to it, but MAN!

I was DYING to take Rachael to Aladdin the Musical because I knew it would be the first and only time for her to see it (since it's leaving soon to make way for Toy Story the Musical) so we rode Tower of Terror and saw that the line for Aladdin was starting up. We were in the Orchestra seating (nice!) and were waiting for quite a while...but we finally made it inside and swiped 2 of the closer seats by the stage. We were comfortable and it was niiiice and cool in there. The show started and I could tell that Rachael was getting into it.
Then... the song "One Jump" started....it was as usual. Aladdin running around, his stunt double poking his head out of a window for a quick line or two...then the last line "Gotta throw my hand in, wish me happy landin..." actor Aladdin runs off stage, and Stunt Aladdin runs on with the harness on "Now all I gotta do is Juuuuuuuuump" he flies off stage.
Normal, right?
Actor Aladdin shows up from the opposite end of the stage, and runs into Jasmine. They were JUST starting their scene when out of the corner of my eye I saw the harness with Stunt Aladdin coming back! For a second I thought "WHY is it coming back? This part hasn't happened before!" then the realization came that something was wrong...Stunt Aladdin was still on the harness, flew half across the stage, HIT part of the set and landed on the floor. Now, I'm not totally sure if he was knocked out or not...but it was SCARY! The Audience was dead silent (apart from all the girls in the audiences' audible *gasp!* when they realized what happened) and Actor Aladdin's face was HORRIFIED. The curtain went down, the intercom came on telling us they were having..uh...technical difficulties...REALLY? We waited for about 5 minutes, then they announced the show was cancelled.
Half the audience moaned and groaned! COME ON guys! Someone might have just been seriously hurt here! While they were groaning, everyone else (including us) started to clap instead.

We went to the show again the day after (this time bringin my friend Shayla, who hasn't seen it before either!) and I was holding my breath throughout One Jump. Stunt Aladdin came back out (looked like the same guy) without a harness... Either they were too nervous to use it again, or something broke. Either way, I was glad the guy was okay and our show wasn't cancelled. <3

Sorry this was so long. I think it only looks that way because of the pictures. I have LOTS more, but these were my favorites. We also bought the Tower of Terror picture, but it's taking a while for it to make its way on the internet for me to copy from...

This trip did make me much more excited for my program in 41 days!! Disney World is much different from Land though. I will miss it. Haha

Have a Magical Day ;D

New Vlog soon!

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