Slowly but surely...95 days!
 Oh, hello Blogspot! :) Want to help me procrastinate my Spanish presentation a little longer?

I've been meaning to post a new update for a few days now (actually, ever since I've hit the 100 day mark in my countdown for Disney!) But, I've been working, and have school, and working some more...sleep is somewhere in there too.

Well! On to updates on my preparation for WDW.

I have made several new friends (thanks to Facebook) in the CP! Many of them start in May/early June. Lucky swine.
But I also know a few (even someone in Nevada! Hi Richard! Haha) that are going around the same time as me! It's a lot of fun to get to know everyone and what roles they have and where they want to be placed.

Today, I also emailed recruitment and education. Recruitment to let them know where I would like to work. Just for consideration, ya know? I read that they decide about a month before I arrive, so at least this gives them plenty of time to think my preference over ;)
I emailed the education people because I want to get enough information to give to my counselor when I go in for my appointment to see if the credits transfer. Oy. I bet if I just say that I'm in the program they'll be able to tell me right off the bat if they do or not, but just in case, I want the different classes listed. Wish me luck, I would loooove to take classes there, but if not I'm going to need to opt out for scholarship keeping reasons :(

In other plans...I think my dad is going to be taking my cat while I'm gone. Thank the lord. He's my little brother. I can't just give him away....He's been with us since I was 5! My car is stayin with my mom and sister (sister will be learning how to drive in it...please pray I have a car to come home to?) and all my stuff...lets be reasonable here...i'm not going to be able to take much, if anything! Stupid human anatomy only giving us two arms!
I need to go through everything I have and see what I can fit in my suitcases (spacebags are wonderful, aren't they?) and what to put in storage, and...*sigh* what to give away.

I have TONS of movie posters and standees...I REFUSE to let go of my How To Train Your Dragon tail, Lion King poster, Up poster, Princess and the Frog poster...everything else...we'll talk. I wonder if it's legal for me to sell them on ebay? I'll make a list (most likely when school's over...and you know...when I dont work 24/7) of all the posters I have and if you want any (that I'm willing to let go of) feel free to message/comment me. :)

Goodness, I need to blog more. These just get too long. I hope I'm at least entertaining enough for you to read till now. I'll keep them short and to the point in the future. This might mean more posts though. Oh darn. :P


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