Giving away movie posters!! :D (updated May 20th!)
81 Days...goodness.

Hello!! I haven't posted in a while...


It is a beautiful spring day and I'm bored waiting for my shift at work. So what shall I do?
Make a list of the movie posters I've collected from both jobs I had/have at movie theaters.

I gotta admit...I'm a pack rat and most of these posters mean nothing to me. They were just there for me to take. But now that I'm going to Florida soon, there is NO way I can keep all of them. So, here's a list of the posters I don't want. If you're interested in taking any of them feel free to get back to me! Via Facebook, commenting here, or my email maryanneb25@ymail.com.

All claimed items are striked

The Lovely Bones- Wrinkled and a little ripped

Hairspray (headshots of the cast)- Like new

The Golden Compass (another one, we had 2!)

Evan Almighty- Three little white patches in the sky because my family thought it'd be a good idea to tape the movie stubs to it.

Wild Hogs- Rip at the bottom, otherwise very good shape

Bee Movie- Like new

Be Kind Rewind- Like new

Love in the Time of Cholera- Like new, I've never seen the movie, but it's a BEAUTIFUL poster.

Shrek the Third- Some wear around the edges

No Reservations- Some wear

Marley and Me- Little ripped and wrinkled

Dan in Real Life (maybe, have to double check if my mom is willing to part with it)- Good shape

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian- Good shape

Religulous (sp?)- Like new

(Added May 19th)

Away We Go- New!

(Added May 20th)

Dark Water


The Other Boleyn Girl


Mr. Brooks

The Reaping

Elizabeth the Golden Age


Harry Potter 5- Voldemort

Princess and the Frog standee piece: Tiana's hand holding Naveen as a frog

Sweeney Todd bus shelter (I love this one sooo much...so instead of giving it away, it's going to the best bid. Lol) BID IS AT $20, so far! I'm going to let this go on for a week :)
Here's a picture of it!
 Its about 5 feet tall. Maybe a little more. Takes up an entire wall, anyway. Lol

Kung Fu Panda banner 3 1/2 feet long, 2 feet wide. Not that big, really...

The list might grow (and i'll update when it does) because I know my roommate (former movie theater employee) has tons that she may not want anymore as well.
Anonymous O'Keefe said...
How do you have some of these? Some ate from like before I started there.

Blogger PJ and Annie said...
Love in the time of Cholera is a LAME movie. just so you know

Blogger jazmine; said...
if anymore Harry potter ones come your way, get at me! The Princess and the Frog one sounds cool too (:

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